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Family name HOU HOU
Given name Yifan
Country / Region
CHN CHN - China
27 February 1994
Event List Chess Women's Basque Event
Chess Women's Blitz Event
Chess Women's Rapid Event
Track record of achievements My name is Hou Yifan,I was born in FEB 27th 1994,and my hometown is Jiangsu,Xinghua.When I was five and half years old I started to play Chess, then became the WGM at age 12,And became the GM at age 14. I had been awarded model workers in Shandong Province and the National Sports Medal of Honour. Also had been awarded 2010,2011 “CCTV” the best non-Olympic sportsmen of China. Here are my best results: 1. 2003, World youth Championship under 10 Girls Champion. 2. 2005,2007 China zone (Women). Champion 3. 2006, 37th Olympiad bronze medal; I got the silver medal in board 4 (Women). 4. 2007,2009,2011 World Women’s team Championship three times Champion; In 2007 also got the Gold medal in board 2. 5. 2007,2008 China Women’s Championship Champion in 2007 became the youngest Champions in China. 6. 2007, 2th Asian Indoor Games Rapid and Blitz Team Gold medal; Women individual Silver medal 7. 2007,2010 China league(team) Champion 8. 2008, 1st Isbank Ataturk Women's Masters Champion 9. 2008, World Women’s Championship(Nalchik) Silver medal 10. 2008,World Mind Sports Games two Gold medals in the mixed rapid and rapid team events and also awarded the Blitz team silver medal and the Blitz individual bronze medal. 11. 2009, 1st Prince Cup Queens Champion 12. 2009, 3rd Asian Indoor Games Rapid individual and Team Rapid 2 Gold medals 13. 2010, 3rd KL Open Champion 14. 2010, FIDE Women Grand-prix Ulaanbaatar. First place 15.2010, 39th Olympiad. Second place 16.2010, European Club Cup Gold medal (Monaco) I got the gold medal for second board. 17.Asian Games(Guangzhou) Women individual Champion; Women’s team Gold medal. 18.2010,World Women’s Championship(Antakya,Turkey) I became the youngest Women’s Champion of the world (age 16). 19.2011, 1st China WGM tournament(Wu xi) Champion 20.2011,FIDE Women’s Grand-prix Rostov-on-Don Champion. 21.2011,FIDE Women’s Grand-prix Shenzhen Champion. 22.2011,World Women’s Championship Match(Albania,Tirana) Champion. 23.1st World Mind Sport Accord Games Blitz and Blindfold(Women) Gold medal. 24.2012 Gibraltar Open Second place for Open and first place for Women. 25.2012 FIDE Women's Grand-prix Jermuk Champion. Also been the champion for entire cycle of 2011-2012. 26.2nd Sport Accord Mind Games Blindfold(Women) Gold Medal. 27.4th Asian Indoor Games Incheon,Korea Women’s Individual and Mixed rapid Two Gold Medals.
Player's strength index 2629
World Ranking 2
Is Grand Master Yes